Formation: More than Straight Lines

Formation: More than Straight Lines

What comes to mind when you hear the word “formation?”  

Have you ever thought about how we can see formation in every day occurrences?  

High school football players are learning their formations for the field. Cheerleaders are practicing them in their routines.  Sky divers create them from dizzying heights. Dance teams take their places according to them. These are just a few examples, and in all of them, it’s the formation that spurs on movement and flow while each participant takes hold of their own particular strength and place. The outcome may seem purely magical and spontaneous. In actuality, it is the underlying practice and structure in the group that allows for the fluidity, beauty and unity.

Our whole life is an invitation to formation. But it’s more than straight lines– it is discovering the gifts and graces that are ours for community. We have a place and a purpose in the bigger picture, part of God’s worldview that is so much larger than we can imagine. We are part of God’s great plan and as such every aspect of our life forms us for our particular place in this.

“The process of being formed” is another meaning for formation. One word that describes this process is emergence.  God is the source of our emergence as described in Psalm 139:

          “Truly you have formed my inmost being;

        you knit me in my mother’s womb.

            I give you thanks that I am fearfully, wonderfully made;       

        wonderful are your works.”  vs.13-14

Formation is about our emerging as God knows and sees us.  Related to this process is honing and deepening our capacity to discern God’s grace and gifts to us individually to offer them for the greater good of humanity.

At Victory Noll Center we provide space for that to happen.  We offer external space so that people can go to their internal space and deepen in their relationship with God, in self-knowledge and in awareness of how connected we are to humanity. This happens through silence, reflection, prayer, study, retreats, spiritual direction, or any one of our programs.

We believe that each person is called to participate in God’s Mission both individually and in community.  That call is to live the Gospel in their particular setting, with and in their community.  

You are gifted. You are called.  You are invited to participate in God’s forming of you because you are part of the formation of God’s Reign. And that is so much bigger than straight lines!