Letter from the Director – Fall 2017

Letter from the Director – Fall 2017

This last week a friend shared an article with me: “This is Water.” It was a commencement speech by David Foster Wallace. The premise of the article was that we swim through life not realizing we are even in water. That is, we’re stuck in our heads, in our own stories, unconsciously maneuvering our way through our days. We aren’t conscious of our thought patterns or our perceptions, so we aren’t even aware of our judgements or blindness.

When we can become aware of how we are thinking, perceiving, judging or seeing, then we have the ability to choose. Then we are free to see outside of ourselves, open to Spirit moving in us and through us, and open to one another in compassionate service. I think this is the interior freedom that St. Ignatius referred to, that was so necessary for real discernment. Interior freedom is the ability to see clearly, so that we can understand, and know what to do, or where we are called.

There are many ways we are invited to wake up, to see things differently and become aware. Sometimes it is through a retreat, a program, a workshop. Sometimes it happens through engaging a longer formation process that plunges us a little deeper than we might usually go, and where God can break through the fog of our mindless preoccupations.

As you read through the offerings of the Center on our website, you are invited to prayerfully consider where God might be nudging you so that you might grow in conscious awareness into interior freedom and truly enjoy the Water!

– Sue Wilhem, Victory Noll Center Director