Letter from the Director

Letter from the Director

Dear Friends,

Victory Noll Center was established in the early 2000s out of a community decision by Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters.  The goal of the Center was to continue the legacy of the community into the future. We are at a juncture at this time where, with the support of the Sisters, we are becoming a separate non-profit entity.

You may have noticed some subtle changes in the last newsletter or two. We have redesigned our logo. We have a Mission and Vision statement that better articulates what we are about. And our programs reflect these directions. We are about formation of people in God’s Mission, through God’s Mission to bring about the reign of God. This Mission affects not only how we worship, but how we recognize Christ working in and among all people in every corner of the world– and we have a part in that work. It extends even further; we are part of God’s whole creative plan in the universe, connected with all creation for the glory of God. There is no part of our life that is disconnected from this.

So, you are invited to consider how is God alluring you? How are you invited to participate more consciously in your formation so that your life in Christ can deepen? We have many opportunities for you to consider in this newsletter– whether it’s joining others in contemplative prayer, or participating in ongoing program of study, reflection and prayer, or consenting to a short retreat to be renewed. Please consider one way you will answer the call to deepen.

Let’s join each other in the heart of Christ, holding one another in prayer and speaking the word of encouragement from the Holy Spirit who sets fire to our souls for Mission!

Looking forward to seeing you at the Center!

Sue Wilhelm