Taking Time for Friendship

Taking Time for Friendship

Not long ago I was on my way back to Huntington after visiting family in Ohio.  As I drove around Toledo a myriad of friends came to mind along with a bit of guilt for not stopping to see any of them. For one I hadn’t planned on it ahead of time, didn’t reach out to see if they would be available for a visit. I also just wanted to get back home, to the comfort of my space with the pups.  And I had gotten a text from someone in Huntington about stopping over for a cookout. And the moments seemed to disappear.

I think that our prayer life can be a bit like this.  The moments fill up.  We get out of routine.  Before we know it we’re telling God, “I’ll catch up with you soon!”  Then something else grabs our attention, snatching us away from taking the time to grow in intimacy and friendship with God.

Sometimes we just need a reminder of how much God desires to be with us.  I have a friend who found herself routinely being busier than she would like.  She decided to get a tattoo with the words “Be Still” inscribed within a circle.  Going within, sitting still, quieting our mind, listening for the Holy Spirit are all pathways into the Stillness that brings us into Presence. That presence is our presence to God and God’s Presence to us. Can there be any deeper form of friendship?

Please let us offer you some times and space that might assist you in fostering your friendship with God. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30 we have a simple morning prayer with time for stillness.

Everyday the labyrinth is available for slowing down and moving into the center for intimate conversation with God.  The Chapel is open every day during business hours for time to pray.

You are always welcome for taking time for friendship with God.