The Heartbeat of the Center

The Heartbeat of the Center

Parents get excited when they witness their baby’s heartbeat for the first time.  Our hearts raced last week during the final World Series game.  When our hearts are full of joy, or grief, or love, we might experience that overflow through tears.   I want to share with you for just a few minutes the Heart of the Center and why we are so passionate about how we get to serve.

Just this last week, I had a conversation with a gentleman who came to pray in the chapel.  He shared with me his heart and how he felt divided by how God was calling him in one direction, but his work seemed to take him in another.  And he thanked me for this space that Victory Noll Center provided so he could discern more clearly who God was inviting him to be.

Also this last week we had women come to volunteer to make blankets and a batch was taken to Love, INC. These women not only make hats and blankets and scarves, they listen to each others’ hearts and end their weekly gathering praying together.

This last weekend, we had two separate groups making retreats this weekend, recognizing their need to replenish their hearts by deepening their relationship with God through time away.

A couple weeks ago we hosted the ALICE education day in collaboration with United Way and had close to 90 people desire to understand those who work, but can never quite make ends meet. And hearts were filled with compassion and understanding.

You see, this is what we are about:  Forming people in and for God’s Mission; helping them discover and develop their capacity for God’s Mission.  That is our heart.  It is at the heart of Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters who formed the Center, passing onto us their spirit and Mission. And our hearts’ desire for each of you here, is that you too grow into your capacity for God’s love and God’s work, whatever that may be for you.

So thank you for supporting the mission and vision of Victory Noll Center through your prayers and your gifts.

I want to especially acknowledge and thank our Board Members who work beside us and encourage us .  Would you please stand… These folks have supported this event as well as given of themselves to Victory Noll Center as we have organized and become our own Non-profit.   I would also like to acknowledge and with full heart thank the committee members for their work on Harvest of Blessings. They have generously share their time and talents to make this event happen. And finally I want to thank my staff, Paula Goff, Sr. Rose Zita and Jenna Strick for tending to the many details behind the scenes at VNC.